Matt Stewart is a self taught contemporary fine artist who balances his creative genius with a sound business mind after years working in the creative/corporate sector. 

Art has always been his first love.  Although his former career was thriving, the demand for his underground artworks grew.  Created during the nocturnal hours once trade had ceased for the day, Matt was driven to near exhuastion as he tried to balance art and his work.  So in early 2010, the Matt StewArt Studio was established full time.

His artworks continue to go from strength to strength as he powers through anything up to 3 comission pieces a week, seeing his pieces skyrocket in value and nearly always snapped up immediately by collectors and lovers of his art.  You will not find a Matt Stewart artwork on the market for long, and if you are a serious contendor for ownership then be prepared to fight off several other buyers.

Stewart’s distinct style, which has a street and pop art edge, sees every day objects and faces placed on complex coloured layers that work to create a sea of movement.  His use of various mediums establishes texture, density and dimension. 

His works are Sexy. Raw. Fun. Attention demanding.

“Matt Stewart is a shooting star in the Australian art scene.

Underground AND popular, man or woman, you want Matt hanging at your house. An enigma in edgy pop-art, Matt's work is unsurpassed in both coolness and hotness, but is never, EVER lukewarm...”

Everything about Stewart as an artist is in juxtaposition.  On one hand he nurtures the truly romantic notion that an artist should be uncompromised by fads and fashion when producing ones works and instead be driven by self-indulgence.  This state sees his inner artistic monster craft entirely original pieces that satisfy the eternal void of needing to constantly create within him.  But on the other hand, when given the opportunity to collaborate, he values the opportunity to work with the creativity of others and happily tailors his style to suit the brief of his valued clients (think fashion labels, interior designers, multi-national brands and private commissions).

Finally, the eccentric mannerism or frightening tantrums often associated with extreme creative talents are unimaginable for this level-headed, calm professional.